Forging Brands
Muri by Haus.
Muri by Haus.

Dear haus family,

Assa here and I’m beyond happy to announce some wonderful news. A lot of people joined our family over the last few days, we grew around 3000 followers in a single week with only organic growth. With the launch of Phases, we managed to completely sell out within 2 days. 7,777 Phases sold with only a 3k follower base, this is what true support looks like. Over the last days, our team has been thinking about how to bring more people into the metaverse and into Haus. We figured out a perfect way to do this thi the Forging series.

By the people, for the people.
This motto is key for us and we want to directly interact with our community to brainstorm ideas, visualize and forge brand and make the metaverse a better place. With our talented team artist Roaster, we already have huge plans for this year.

Haus signature.
We will releasing multiple projects, both inside and outside the Haus ecosystem. We will also help our members & friends with development, design and management.

What does this mean? In 2022 Haus’s exposure will continue to increase, and along with this growth, we will need offices all over the world. The sky is the limit. But with this growth we will reward our members with token incentives and Haus utility.


MURI, the brand of the metaverse.

Some MURI details include: a unique 10.000 avatar project, crafting physical clothing in collaboration with amazing designers, converting MURI to useable 3D-virtual characteristics, and delivering a new Metaverse adventure.

Special access for module holders. Although MURI is separate from Phases, we still want to reward Module holders with early access. Upon release, our holders will be guaranteed whitelist spots. Some will even get free mints. Whitelist claims for MURI will not require your Modules to be burned.

Fashion for the metaverse, and real life.
Every MURI character will have unique traits, with wearable pieces made in collaboration with fashion designers. Some items will be purchasable on our platform with the token we’re launching, which can soon be mined by through staking your module.

Using MURI’s in the metaverse and hausvrs.
With the large growth of meta & the metaverse we want to deliver a playable character for every MURI holder, a full rendered 3D figure with the same style as the avatars.

HausVRS will be an additional project we separate from MURI, a space where Haus members can meet each other, share land, and plan for the future.

More coming soon…

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