ムリ Roadmap
  1. The Token of MURI.
  2. The MURI Anime.
  3. Physical Toys / Figures.
  4. The MURI fashion line.
  5. The Transformation.
  6. MURI Metaverse.


First of all, we want to thank our community and so far every single member and follower supporting MURI and truely believing what we realize and do. This article is about the roadmap of MURI, if you haven’t checked out the general article, please see it here. We would love to hear your feedback on it!

The Token of ムリ.

With the idea in mind of building our own ecosystem around the metaverse we planned to release a token earned by MURI holders. We plan to integrate it in any ways, as a currency to purchase further goods such as physical pieces, or in-game currency for something planned in the future. Launching the Token is planned in Q1.

ムリ Anime.

As teased we will release a whole anime around the story of MURI and the future of her. This includes the whole roadmap, when changes in the anime will happen it will update every character included in the change, the metadata is included there.
We will release an animated version and a printed version, planned to come between Q1 and Q2.

MURI おもちゃ.

With the idea in mind to combine physical and virtual, we had the idea to release high quality models of each MURI character playing a main part in the story. These figures will be available in a low quantity, all hand made and produced in the best way possible. We aim to release a full version in Q3 / Q4.

ムリ Fashion.

With our team being based in the fashion scene quite early, we wanted to combine all elements and form both merchandise and more than just that. While we will offer our own merchandise for MURI, we will also offer the physical craft line. Each avatar created by ours will have craftable traits, which the holder can redeem and craft the physical version of it. Some parts will be delivered in Q1.

The Transformation ムリ

Combining physical with virtual. Since of MURI being not another normal pfp project we will deliver a bridge between our style and 3D, each character will get a custom 3D rig which will be useable every implemented, zoom meetings, the metaverse, VR world & other platforms. Late Q3/4.

MURI Metaverse.

With all those amazing goals set and secret’s discovered a long the way of MURI we will build an amazing ecosystem, providing benefits to our members and our community. Most importantly we build something never done before, MURI is the innovation and this is only the start.

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