The new path of pets - Utilizes

As announced, hauspets got created to last and open a whole new ecosystem in the hausverse. We chose it to be free for our members because of many reasons, first up to again deliver benefits and reward our loyal holders, but now let’s come to the facts and the future of our pets.

Our Foundation
The metaverse is a place to be and stay in, the main reason we thought of creating a more outstanding project. With pets, we will open gates into game development on the blockchain, created by our web-3 game team led by Ilya Zaidze who’s known for working with AWGE, Kanye West, Revenge X Storm, Ian Conner, Virgil Abloh and many known artists.
So what are we launching? More than just a game. With our original tamagotchi vibed renders we gave the first hint, and another hint, the actual properties of the NFT describing the current state of pets.

Utilizes of our pets

  • Stage One - "The naming."
    Every pet Owner should be able to choose the name of their pet, and this will happen in stage one. We’ll launch a site given the Owner a feature to name their pet, which will then be updates on the metadata too, making every pet unique and custom.
  • Stage Two - "Knowing the pet."
    In this stage, it’s all about knowing the companion. Within our site, we’ll introduce each form of feature, describing the properties / regions & powers of the pets and the way to breed them.
  • Stage Three - "Breeding the pet."
    Each pet is put in their tamagotchi, this way our holders can play with it and explore the mini-games we deliver. Please keep in mind that pets need to be fed with food, which is purchasable with our haus token, if this doesn’t happen it might end to the pet being buried and burnt. But heads up, our pet-site will be accessible from mobile & web, so you can always check on your companions on the go.
  • Stage Four - "Breaking the tamagotchi"
    In Stage four, we’ll publish a method for our holders to break the original tamagotchi, and hatch the pet in a new look. This will include a new NFT which will be more usable as a PFP, and also in a collaboration with several successful projects we’re collaborating with. On hatching, the original properties of the pet will be taken but also random new traits will be added, adding more rarity to a few and variety to each pet. After this stage, a new phase will begin for the pets, opening a new path, games & many more features.

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