Haus White Paper
Simplicity at its best.
Simplicity at its best.
  1. Introduction to Haus
  2. Projects on the line.
  3. Benefits of being a holder
  4. Roadmap forward
  5. Thank you!

Hey my name is Assa, for the past years I’ve had numerous names and jobs. From being a tech engineer in the cyber-hacking space to owning a design agency and working for Apple. On my part I can say life's been rough, and the journeys I’ve had in the last years all impacted me in different ways, from each step I’ve learned to improve myself, my skills and the surrounding team. In the start of 2021 I quit my job at Apple, and continued working on a project with a long term impact, the start of haus.

Haus is a community of digital and physical art enthusiasts exploring the boundaries of what is possible with NFTs and Web 3.0. This makes haus one of the most exciting contemporary NFT projects.

2. Projects on the kickoff.

With the majority of growing the project in an organic way, we’ve figured out it would be best to deliver a community rewarding asset.This is where we had the idea to launch hausphases, the first ever in-haus project which stands out in the web3 scene with never done concepts.

  • [ PHASES BY HAUS ]With the goal of giving back to the community, we’ve got the first concept of hausphases. By purchasing a phase module, you’ll be able to redeem your module every month for an individual piece created in collaboration with another artist featured by haus. Once swapped, the original module is burned, and since we wanted to involve the whole community we’ve set the price to 0.02 ETH, with a limit of 10 per TX but unlimited TX’s. But there’s also a ton of benefits for holding the module, one of them being to be able to earn our token launched. With a specific platform, our holders will have access to an interface to redeem & stake the tokens. We will also feature exclusive phases, which will only be available for a certain amount of modules. Hausphases is launching on the 20th of January in an edition of 7.777, if you want to know more about us please check out our Twitter & Discord.
  • [ FURNITURE BY HAUS ] Delivering quality. With this word in mind, we had the idea to launch a furniture collection, specifically made for the metaverse. Useable inside and outside the metaverse. By combining mid-century furniture moods & brand-new tech, we deliver a product never done. The finished products will be produced in Europe, with materials from Italy, Greece, Germany…
    Earlier this year we’ve announced our collaboration with the known artist Edmond Looi, where we will deliver custom sneakers made for & outside the metaverse for phases holders.
    We’re currently in the talk with another known fashion designer where we can deliver more fashion pieces and wearables in a high sense of quality.

3. Benefits for being a part of haus.

We’ve launched officially around 2 months ago, and to this day we’ve just been focusing on organic and real growth, this way we got a community full of people who stand behind us and love what we do.
Being this early in haus truly shows us how much love and trust is involved, and this should be well rewarded.

  • Phase modules will act as a key to future in-haus projects, like a guaranteed whitelist key.
  • Redeeming our launched token, each module will have a different % multiplier. Tokens can be used to purchase haus items or be swapped to regular coins.
  • Access to in-haus events and programs, early access & more.
  • Exclusive art material access in phases with artists high valued.

We also share a community treasury of around 10 ETH right now accessible for our members, this money will be used to reward our supporters even more making this project more than just a DAO.

4. Roadmap forward.

This section is intended for a detailed roadmap, which we fully will update at a later point of time. We first wanted to focus on our hausphases roadmap, which is displayed above. With haus being a large project which got further future goals we couldn’t just make a graphic for it, for further information please check the footer, twitter & discord.

5. Thank you.

First of all I personally want to say thank you to all the people, to our members and supports at haus, it wouldn’t be same without you and the whole community made the project a true and amazing journey so far.
The team thanks everyone, and we’ll keep on working to make haus the best and most giving project, you’ll hear about us soon. We love the haus.

Below are our official links, please get in touch!

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