How to mint Phases
  • Mint Details
  • The different mint phases
  • Rarities & Reveal of modules
  • What happens after mint?
  • How to mint.

With the massive increase of members yesterday, I wanted to again say thank you to everyone being a part of this journey. We’ve had an amazing organic growth so far, and I still can’t believe after 3 months of work we’re finally off to launch hausphases.

1. Mint Details

We tried to reduce gas by a ton via smart contract, supporting this concept we also extended the whitelist phase to 24 hours, so every member can pick a time to mint.

  • Mint price 0.02 ETH (per nft)
  • Total Editions 7.777
  • 10 Editions per TX (Transaction) - unlimited transactions (Multiple Transactions)
  • Instant reveal.

2. Mint Phases

With our drop being the first of haus we want to give out advantages to the members who showed us love and support through all time time, this is why we will have three different mint phases / times.

  • Mint Phase One ( Whitelist Members ) - Live for 24 hours.
    This phase will only be available for discord whitelist members, starting on the 20th of January at 7 pm UTC. Please google / transfer the time in your timezone so you're set. We might sell out during this phase, please check our footer to purchase off our opensea collection.
  • Mint Phase Two ( Early Members ) - Live for 12 hours.
    This phase will only be available for discord early members. Right after 24 hours of the whitelist phase this drop will begin if we still got stock, please check our discord & twitter to get notifications.
  • Mint Phase Three ( Public Mint ) - Live till sold out.
    Remaining stock will be transferred to the public mint. This phase will be live till we sell our and got no remaining editions.

3. Rarities & Reveal

In our phases drop, we share 3 different rarities for the modules, each with different features and accesses. Below, all rarities / names are listed with the following %’s. After mint you’ll instantly be able to reveal your NFT, for this keep refreshing the metadata by clicking the right top on Opensea, and clicking on "refresh metadata".

  • phase.module [created to be loved] version 0.01
    Percentage of dropping: 5%
  • phase.module [the generation] version 0.02
    Percentage of dropping: 35%
  • phase.module [a globe is rolling] version 0.03
    Percentage of dropping: 60%

4. After the mint.

After the official mint, and we sell-out we will start teasing and planing to release phase one, which is fixed to be 2-3 weeks after mint. During this time, the community of holders will be able to decide which style the final phase will be, by voting.

We will also open our community treasury for hosting amazing events & further programs to support our members.

5. How to mint.

  • First Step
    Opening the mint-site ( announced on twitter & discord )
    Once you got on the site, please press Connect Wallet at the top.
  • Second Step
    If you connect your wallet, you are ready to start.
    Press Mint 10 or choose the Quantity at the top, automatically the window will open to mint. We prefer to mint straight off the navigation in the top.

    You will see in the command line what phase currently is, and with the following commands you’ll be able to navigate.

  • status - Supply / Phase / Price

  • mint (quantity) - for example mint 10, please be aware since you can only max mint 10 per TX, but unlimited transactions are possible.

  • free-mint (quantity) - for example free-mint 10, this only effects you when you won free mints, or are a part of the team.

  • Minting from the navigation. We prefer to mint from the navigation we made, this makes it easier & faster. You can choose supply by simply clicking on the quantity button.

Official Links

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Smart contract

Official phases collection

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