March 4th, 2022

As announced, hauspets got created to last and open a whole new ecosystem in the hausverse. We chose it to be free for our members because of many reasons, first up to again deliver benefits and reward our loyal holders, but now let’s come to the facts and the future of our pets.

Our Foundation
The metaverse is a place to be and stay in, the main reason we thought of creating a more outstanding project. With pets, we will open gates into game development on the blockchain, created by our web-3 game team led by Ilya Zaidze who’s known for working with AWGE, Kanye West, Revenge X Storm, Ian Conner, Virgil Abloh and many known artists.
So what are we launching? More than just a game. With our original tamagotchi vibed renders we gave the first hint, and another hint, the actual properties of the NFT describing the current state of pets.

Utilizes of our pets

  • Stage One - "The naming."
    Every pet Owner should be able to choose the name of their pet, and this will happen in stage one. We’ll launch a site given the Owner a feature to name their pet, which will then be updates on the metadata too, making every pet unique and custom.
  • Stage Two - "Knowing the pet."
    In this stage, it’s all about knowing the companion. Within our site, we’ll introduce each form of feature, describing the properties / regions & powers of the pets and the way to breed them.
  • Stage Three - "Breeding the pet."
    Each pet is put in their tamagotchi, this way our holders can play with it and explore the mini-games we deliver. Please keep in mind that pets need to be fed with food, which is purchasable with our haus token, if this doesn’t happen it might end to the pet being buried and burnt. But heads up, our pet-site will be accessible from mobile & web, so you can always check on your companions on the go.
  • Stage Four - "Breaking the tamagotchi"
    In Stage four, we’ll publish a method for our holders to break the original tamagotchi, and hatch the pet in a new look. This will include a new NFT which will be more usable as a PFP, and also in a collaboration with several successful projects we’re collaborating with. On hatching, the original properties of the pet will be taken but also random new traits will be added, adding more rarity to a few and variety to each pet. After this stage, a new phase will begin for the pets, opening a new path, games & many more features.
February 14th, 2022

Dear haus family,
we hope all members are doing amazing and having a great Valentine's Day. First of myself and the whole team want to thank for every support each day and all the love we’re getting while trying to deliver the best products and innovative solutions.

I thought of doing an airdrop, which is limited but at the same time incredible for our members, so I came up with an idea. With all the hype in the current scene and the love in haus we will give 144 flowers away, but not just any. We’ve acquired a 75 × 75 cm Takashi Murakami painting, and we will cut it up in individual all same sized squares, 144 of them. If you get an NFT airdropped of the collection, you will be able to burn it for the physical piece in around 2/3 Weeks or keep it digital. On the redeem site we will ask for the shipping info, which we will pay, so no costs will affect the collector, just one fee at the burning mechanism.

A little gift for all.
As we know, not everyone will get the airdrop we figured out to drop 8.888 Haus tokens to each wallet to say thanks for already the amazing support and the future coming. First usage will be this month, with pets …

February 9th, 2022
  1. The Token of MURI.
  2. The MURI Anime.
  3. Physical Toys / Figures.
  4. The MURI fashion line.
  5. The Transformation.
  6. MURI Metaverse.


First of all, we want to thank our community and so far every single member and follower supporting MURI and truely believing what we realize and do. This article is about the roadmap of MURI, if you haven’t checked out the general article, please see it here. We would love to hear your feedback on it!

February 7th, 2022
  1. Introduction into MURI, the story.
  2. Creators of MURI.
  3. Further details about the project.
  4. Roadmap, our goals.
  5. About our artists & the further details.
  6. What’s planned in the future.
  7. Official Links

The Story of MURI.

Japan is at a tipping point. Most of the country’s spirit (精神Seishin) flows through Night City due to the overwhelming allure of the big city life and technological advances. This phenomenon threatens to throw the country out of balance and invite destruction if the people refuse to reconcile with their countryside neighbors. MURI, the granddaughter of a once well respected tea leaf farmer, seeks to force this understanding upon the denizens of Night City from within. However, she soon learns that the corruption runs deep within the city’s veins. Only one who cleanses their spirit of corruption can bring harmony between Night City and the sunny Countryside and restore balance to Japan.

January 25th, 2022
Muri by Haus.
Muri by Haus.

Dear haus family,

Assa here and I’m beyond happy to announce some wonderful news. A lot of people joined our family over the last few days, we grew around 3000 followers in a single week with only organic growth. With the launch of Phases, we managed to completely sell out within 2 days. 7,777 Phases sold with only a 3k follower base, this is what true support looks like. Over the last days, our team has been thinking about how to bring more people into the metaverse and into Haus. We figured out a perfect way to do this thi the Forging series.

By the people, for the people.
This motto is key for us and we want to directly interact with our community to brainstorm ideas, visualize and forge brand and make the metaverse a better place. With our talented team artist Roaster, we already have huge plans for this year.

January 19th, 2022
  • Mint Details
  • The different mint phases
  • Rarities & Reveal of modules
  • What happens after mint?
  • How to mint.

With the massive increase of members yesterday, I wanted to again say thank you to everyone being a part of this journey. We’ve had an amazing organic growth so far, and I still can’t believe after 3 months of work we’re finally off to launch hausphases.

January 18th, 2022
Simplicity at its best.
Simplicity at its best.
  1. Introduction to Haus
  2. Projects on the line.
  3. Benefits of being a holder
  4. Roadmap forward
  5. Thank you!

Hey my name is Assa, for the past years I’ve had numerous names and jobs. From being a tech engineer in the cyber-hacking space to owning a design agency and working for Apple. On my part I can say life's been rough, and the journeys I’ve had in the last years all impacted me in different ways, from each step I’ve learned to improve myself, my skills and the surrounding team. In the start of 2021 I quit my job at Apple, and continued working on a project with a long term impact, the start of haus.

Haus is a community of digital and physical art enthusiasts exploring the boundaries of what is possible with NFTs and Web 3.0. This makes haus one of the most exciting contemporary NFT projects.